The Admins can invite team members to join their Trainline Business.

To invite employees:

  1. click the "Add team member" purple button in top right hand corner of the screen:
  2. You will need to enter the Email address, First Name, Last Name and Role of the employee you wish to invite.
  3. After adding the new member, click "Save changes":
  4. The employee will receive by email an invite to join their Trainline Business:

Once an invitation has been accepted, the employee is required to create their own profile within their Trainline Business account.

If the new team member did not receive the invitation, the Admin can resend the invite :

On this screen, there are three tabbed headings:

Active - These are active employees who can book tickets on their Trainline Business account.

Pending Invites - A list of employees who have been invited to join their Trainline Business account but have not accepted the invite nor created their profile.

Admins - A list of Administrators who will be able to access all bookings and all the information stored within the Trainline Business account. It is recommended that you have at least 2 Admins in case of sickness or absence.